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Dasu Enterprises, Inc is a multifaceted company that has interests in many areas. Starting out in 2009, Dasu was strictly a management firm for a single outpatient substance abuse treatment center. That aspect of the business grew quickly and today we operate 8 Intensive Outpatient Programs for Chemical Dependency throughout the city of Houston and its suburbs.

Branching out from the core business, Dasu opened the Momentum House for Men in 2011–a sober living home for men in recovery from addiction. At the end of 2011 Dasu spun Momentum House off into a new corporation, Suda Service Corp, but both companies still work very closely together and Momentum House has grown to 2 locations from men and is currently working on a house for women.

In 2012, Dasu began partnering with local technical colleges to provide drug and alcohol education services to students showing signs of high risk for substance abuse.

In 2015 Dasu acquired Town and Country Counseling and moved into the individual psychotherapy aspect of mental health treatment and launched soberhouston.com as a one-stop shop for all of our mental and behavioral health offerings.

At the end of 2015, Dasu took on a completely unrelated role as an importer of goods for resale in the USA. Dasu has begun private label manufacturing of goods throughout Asia and has launched sites such as saltlampimporters.com, americansaltlamps.com, and spiffypetes.com as a vehicle for the sale of physical merchandise at retail. Currently, Dasu is in the development stages of a new brand of shaving and skin care products for men under the brand names Justice Razors and Justice Shaving Company.

We are constantly evolving as a company and look forward to many new adventures in business and in life.

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